Friday, February 02, 2007

Tell Me Why

Watch the link first.
It has to be this way because of POWER. People in power use one of the strongest emotions known to mankind. People are followers. It is part of our DNA, and has served mankind well. Tribal and group emotions are strong. Groups are bound together by leaders who proscribe dictates, customs, cultural norms that cause the group to be different and thus have and identity that binds the group together. Groups and tribes require strong leaders. These behaviors make the group act as one and make the group stronger than the individual.
Before civilization, this sort of behavior provided for the defense, safety and survival of the group or tribe.
People follow leaders. Leaders take away personal freedom to control their masses. The removal of personal freedom creates despicable living conditions. War and violence is easy to pursue because the leaders need to blame other groups for their miserable pathetic conditions that they find themselves in. But war creates the most despicable conditions of all.
I don’t think mankind has evolved enough to change this deep seated human emotion. Just think about your own tribal/group emotions; love of country, love of your culture, the language that binds your tribe together. You root for your local sports team. Why, because your tribal instinct makes you feel better than for some team from a distant place. You feel good belonging to a religion of like minded people. At the bottom of the tribal pyramid is the family. The family is bound together by the same emotion. It make the family stronger. But it also excludes your neighbor from the good things happening in your family. You feel good about it, but your neighbor may not be as well off. The head of that household can not provide for his family like you can. To maintain his control of the family he berates your family any way he can. The families eventually harbor animosity toward each other. Eventually violence breaks out between the families. Just expand this to countries and religions. The human group emotion is not likely to be take out of our genes anytime soon.
These conditions will be around for a long time.
Jack Shaft

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Iraqi death toll

How totally f_cked up can Islamists get? How insanely scramble up are their brains. Islamist choose to kill thousands and thousands of their own people. For what? So their people can miss out on peace, miss out on prosperity, the joys of life, miss out on education, experience the accomplishment that having a good job and providing for your family brings. Having enough prosperity so that you and your family have enough time to laugh. To day they chose to bomb and kill a couple of hundred college students. How f_cked up is that.
I am sure that Allah is crying over what he sees
Jack Shaft

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Richard Cohen OPed Fantastic Job Mr. President

Mr. Richar Cohen, (Washington Post)
You. You are the one that is lying. Or stupid. If you were to ask President Bush in private and off the record, he would say that he still supports Mr. Rumsfeld. Is it so difficult to understand that things are not linear. Yes, events are bigger than presidents. Rumsfeld keeping his job was purely a function of who won the election. If the republicans won (maintain the senate and the house) Rummy would have stayed. If they didn’t, he had to go. Why? Because the democrats now have the power to make him totally ineffective. It would have been one constant hearing after another. Second guessed all the way.
By the way, I still haven’t heard any reasonable Democrat proposal that would not turn Iraq into the next Afghanistan, a haven for terrorist. That is precisely what withdrawal will mean. If the current Iraq government had the ability to control the insurgents, there is no good reason you could site as to why they wouldn’t use that ability. So that leaves only one answer. Continue to grind it out like we are doing now and continue to train their army. Reason it out. There is no other answer. Winning is the only one. My son in-law to be is over there now and I do not want my grandson to have to fight this war again in 15 years!
Jack Shaft

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Iraq War Has Been Lost

Why, because the United States of America has lost the will to defend itself and its allies.
How, because, from the moment it became apparent that the 3rd war with Iraq (1st gulf war, 2nd the defeat of Sadam’s military, 3rd maintaining the peace in Iraq) would be a long grinding war, the democrats did everything they could to undermine a successful prosecution of the war. It is an undeniable fact that when a large powerful political party undermines the countries Commander and Chief for pure political purposes it immediately creates a strategy for the enemy to win. It becomes a military arm of the enemy. All the enemy has to do is to keep on grinding out the killing , providing ammunition for the democrats to cause doubt in the hearts of the populous. The Democrats will say they are just being good citizens and voicing their objection but just look at the weight of the evidence. It stinks of pure power. All politics are about power. Nothing more nothing less. If the same democratic party existed during the world wars we surly would be speaking German.
It is no longer sufficient to win the election and be the President of the United States of America and Commander and Chief of the armed forces. He won that right to defend us when we voted for him. The enemy within will cut him to shreds any time he tries to defend the nation. War is psychologically tough for the non worrier class of which the great majority of us belong, so it is easy for the Democrats to use lies and deception to pluck the emotional cords of the populous. Walla. Instant political power. It is acceptable for the general population to cause demonstration against a war but, it is not acceptable for the political opposition to undermine the Commander and Chief. When they do that they become just as deadly as an arm of the enemies military. This, in my mind is treason. For the Democrats to say they support the troops with a straight face is pure folly.
In times of war, the commander and chief has to be supported. If the political opposition does not respect this notion and undermines him we will forever be a Paper Tiger. It is sad but, it is the only rational conclusion.
There is only one acceptation to this and, that is for the Commander and Chief to use maximum force (see previous piece I did on this subject) and devastate the enemy quickly before the enemy can use the Democrats as a weapon.
Jack Shaft

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terror Threat

What is this poorly reasoned out notion that the Iraq war has caused an increase in Al-qaeda jihadists. The NY times headline tells us that it is so.
Is it so hard to understand that war has been declared on the US (Modern western world 8 years ago? OBL openly in 1998 on video declared It.). Their numbers have increased because their culture has failed them badly and they are ashamed of it. Virtually all of their peoples are uneducated, poor and live peasant lives. Their values will not allow them to be assimilated into the modern world. Now all of these small little jihadist are having success using the most uncivilized lowest common denominator that can not be stopped. The suicide man! They are now fighting us and winning little but significant battles with this tactic and it is making Islamists very proud of their culture. Remember, Mohammed condones the use of the sword and martyr mission, thus it is a very legitimate to wage this lowest form of warfare in Islam.
So to believe that the reason the jihadist numbers are increasing is because we are in Iraq is precisely the opposite. It is the jihadist killing a 100 or so Muslims a day along with a small amount of our soldiers, making the democratic government of Iraq and the US military impotent. All without any retaliation. That is what in convoluted Islamic reasoning is making them proud!
Look how proud they are of their so-called victory regarding the Hisbola war in southern Lebanon. Every other time they took on the modern world they were beaten to a pulp in a few days. Even though southern Lebanon is mostly rubble with little damage to Israel they can now last for many days making Israel take casualties. and that makes them proud!
So my reasoning says, send all of your deranged jihadists to Iraq and Afghanistan and let us kill them there, instead of here. If not there, it will be here and in Europe. They will not stop as long as their Islamic leaders take power from Muslim misery. It will not end until Islam becomes enlightened. It will not end until reason and worldly knowledge is allowed to enter Islam.
Jack Shaft

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Islam Hates Itself

Islam has been humiliated for about the last 7 centuries. It has been left behind. Their imams preach that they are superior to any non Muslims and that all knowledge flows from the Koran. Just the opposite is true in the modern world. The modern world has been gathering knowledge and developed reasoning to makes sense of the knowledge. Knowledge and reason has brought the modern world out of the dark and middle ages. It freed them from the shackles of religious dogma. To be fair, most inhabitance of the modern world think they are religious but for the most part religion is practiced with a wink and a nod. Modern society based on knowledge and reason dominate there lives. Not religion. The reverse is true in Muslim areas. Religious dogma is totalitarian and rules their lives. The Modern world has increased its standard of living to the highest in the world. Even our poor live better that Muslims do in most Muslim areas. This has reduced them to hating themselves but they don’t know it. Their Islamic leaders are masters at redirecting their hatred at what ever icon represents the modern world. The USA is the shinning example. The USA has been successful and they have not. Israel, very successful and right next door the Palestinians have not. This difference is exploited by their imams, cloaked in religious rhetoric and dogma. It turns Muslims into loose cannons, willing and able to kill themselves, other Muslims, and kill as many non Muslims as they can. All because their religion has failed them. Yes, religion. Islam is much more than a religion, it is totalitarian in nature. It rules all parts of their lives. It is a political system, a judicial system, cultural system, as well as a religion. Oh yes, one nice thing, you have to be killed if you leave the system. I shit you not!!!
With few exceptions, Muslim nations have the lowest literacy, lowest educated level and are poor. There is no real Islamic democracy, not even Turkey and Indonesia. They have Islamic values built into there constitutions. They live miserable lives compared to the modern world. Islam has taken over their lives and it has failed them. Or perhaps I have all it wrong. Maybe this life is suppose to be miserable so they can feel better in the after life. If this is so, then why not just kill yourself when you are born so you can reach the after life sooner? Muslim nations do not possess the knowledge and resources to develop their natural resources so they scam the west into coming and developing the resource for them and then kick them out. All throughout modern history they have been humiliated in any war they have pursued. Even piss ant countries such as Israel kicks their asses in a week. Pure humiliation.
Their leaders, as all good leaders do, have taken advantage of Muslim humiliation. Using the Koran they have transformed their humiliation into their death for Allah. The 21st century has left Islam angry as hell.
The modern world has left Islam behind, illiterate, in poverty, and misery. Every Islamic country and conclave is filled with hate, hatred of themselves. This is the state of Islamic self esteem! I suspect any Muslim reading this will also hate me for directing their attention to these facts.
So in the final analysis, WW III has started and cannot be stopped. Not as long as Islam exists in its current state. The modern world can not change because knowledge is constantly being accumulated and reason will adapt the knowledge to increase the standard of living for only the inhabitants of the world that embrace it. Islam and the modern world are on a collision course. And the entities are to big to be turned around. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric that says if the USA were to remove its influence in Islamic countries and let them establish a Caliphate that extends from Spain to north Africa and onto Persia they will be a happy bunch of Muslims. This is not possible. The modern world will still leave them behind, sucking hind tit. The standard of living in the modern world will continue to progress and Islam will stay the same, Miserable. It has too. It is based on religious dogma that never changes. The Koran is considered perfect, and all knowledge flows from it. But by any measure hasn’t flowed for 7 centuries. Even if the Caliphate is formed. It will once again fail its people. The Islamic religious leaders will have to exploit this difference once again in order to stay in power!!!
Jack Shaft

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Winning a War Means Bringing the Enemy to Its Knees

This is the only way to conclude intractable differences. It is called capitulation! Anything else is called a stalemate. Laws governing war are asinine. War is intrinsically uncivilized regardless of the civilized or uncivilized nature of the entities that wage it and, must be treated as such. War must be waged at the lowest common denominator, Death.

Rules of war were agreed upon by the civilized entities during civil time periods. They are one of the most imbecilic notions I can think of. When a nation such as Israel goes to war it is fighting for its survival. How is it possible to assign rules of fighting when one’s very survival is at stake. Once you or your state is dead, nothing else maters. Therefore, killing large amounts of your enemy is a very natural act of war. It is not an atrocity. It is winning. Is there any difference between killing a solder or a civilian? A civilian that supports the war is the next solder. Solders cease to exist when not supported by civilians. Is a solders life different than a civilian life? Blood coming from the solder is just as red as the civilian, even as red as the old person or the child. Life is life. There is not one bit of difference between the two.

Examples are: Germany did not give up until large scale bombing killed large amounts of its citizens, Japan did not give in until they were nuked, the Native American Indian did not give up until the white man killed most of them. The Serbs did not capitulate until the shit was bombed out of them. On and on.

The civilization of war has lead to nothing more than states of constant war with small amounts of people being killed over long periods of time. Thus amounting to a large amount of people being killed over long periods of time. Consider the lives of large amounts of people leading a miserable existence for generations or even hundreds of years. Poverty, no education, illiteracy, no jobs. Just misery. That is an atrocity! Every limited civilized war you can think of was nothing but a long drawn out endeavor with many more killings over time and long periods of misery for the inhabitants of the areas effected.
Swift and decisive wars are much more efficient at eradicating intractable differences.

The only way to truly win a war is to bring your enemy to its knees. When you do that, atrocities(as some will define acts of bringing the enemy to its knees) will inevitably be committed. So be it! Killing is killing! When egomaniacal leaders create and exploit intractable differences, they simultaneously create dead people! They are the ones that have committed the atrocities!
Jack Shaft

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